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A Plague's Tale: VR + Vorpx

Level 16

I played through A Plague's Tale last year in standard vanilla/pancake mode via Steam last year. It is an awesome story-based adventure, and quickly became one of my favorite games in the Adventure genre.


I have yet to try Vorpx for anything at all, but seeing that this is possible for Plague's Tale, I am tempted to finally give it a go.


Level 7

I, personally, was very let down by Vorpx after playing VR that utilized hand tracking/the ability to duck. That’s just my opinion, but I downloaded it, tried it with Red Dead Redemption 2, then about an hour later uninstalled it and never tried it again. 

I’ve considered using it for something like Formula 1 where the use of my sim wheel would “feel” like hand tracking anyway.