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A couple of Debug Tool questions

Level 5


2 quick questions:

1, when using the debug tool to view my fps in the Rift, is it possible to have the HUD displayed on my computers monitor so I can capture what it looks like for a video I'm making?

2, would anyone here say that the below statement is true? This is how I understand it at the moment but I'm not 100% sure I'm correct:

'Performance summary' is going to tell you the fps that your game is running at, not including the added benefits of the Asynchronous Time Warp feature of the Oculus Rift, which is basically a function that reduces judder, delivers constant low latency and improves efficiency without your app having to do any extra heavy lifting, and this results in a much smoother experience, especially when your graphics card may be otherwise struggling to supply a smooth experience. Essentially it's voodoo magic that does magic things magically.

The other option is the 'Compositor Render Timing' option. This will tell you your fps, and it will also take in to account the effects of what the Asynchronous Time Warp feature is doing in the background, so if your games fps is 70, but Asynchronous Time Warp is doing its thing and bringing this frame rate up to 90fps, then you will see 90fps displayed here, although that can fluctuate quite fast and by varying amounts, depending on how hard the Asynchronous Time Warp feature is being pushed.

Basically, in an ideal world, you want your Performance summary to be at 90fps, but if at least the Compositor Render Timing is at 90fps and the game play is smooth, then you are all good to go. I would say here though that if you are benchmarking, try and go from the Performance summary, as this will give you a much more stable number to base your tests from.