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ADD personal music to BOXVR??

Level 3
How to I add personal music to BOXVR????  When I am in the game and select "TRAIN" with personal music it opens up a screen with my folders.  I went into MUSIC and ITUNES folder and neither will show music to select????

Level 3

At the moment we only support WAV and MP3 files, so therefore any AAC files (the default format used by Apple) unfortunately do not currently work. We are actively working on a fix to this and hope to have a solution soon.

In the meantime you can convert your iTunes music to mp3 files by following the steps in this link:  We appreciate that this isn't a desirable solution and hope to have a fix shortly.

Level 2
@FitXR_Support Can you make it so I can access my google play list? That would be soooo much easier 

Level 9
Hi @FitXR_Support, I love BOXVR but often wonder is sound working as it feels dead in the lobby. Can you add some ambience I think is best as in Home please? Also I'd really like a Boxing Match to fulfil the Boxing element just like a face off stance as in Knockout League which I do not like due to the cartoon elements and pauses it has.

Level 3
I have tons of mp3's and it won't recognise them at all. Any solution?

Level 11
AH training to the classic tunes of Survivor!

Level 2
I bough a VR and BoxVR a few weeks ago.  I love it and use it 60 minutes a day and have lost weight already.
At the end of a workout session it shows how many sessions I did and if I reached my calorie goal.  Is there a way to see the total time of play?
Thanks!  Love this fit game!

Level 11

Morgrum said:

AH training to the classic tunes of Survivor!

Nah, we need "Satisifed" by Richard Marx 🙂  Or did you never see the Eurosport boxing trailer from 1989/90?

i5 9600k @4.5GHz; 16GB DDR4 3200; 6xSSD; RTX2080ti; Gigabyte Z390D Mobo
Rift CV1; Index; Quest; Quest 2

Level 2
Any help on how to use personal music while training on Box VR?  I created a folder, and added MP3 music, I can see the list of music, but it does not play when I pick a training session, the default music plays instead.

Level 2
Any chance this feature may come to the QUEST? or is it there but i haven't found it?