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Airlink not working

Level 2

so my pc is connected to my Tp-link load balance broadband Router TL-R480T+ and my wireless router is connected to my load balance broadband router which my Oculus is connected to so when I try to connect my oculus to my pc through Airlink it just keeps looking and doesn't find it but when I disconnect my ethernet and connect to my router on my pc it will connect with my oculus is there any fix to this other than connecting my PC's ethernet cable to my router which I can't do but my router can be an access point or a router when I switch it to work as an access point it connects but I can't change it back to an access point because I don't want to so is there any fix or I just have to change it to an access point 




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there atageo! We see you're having internet connection issues. We're sorry to hear that, we know how much of a bummer that can be. 


You may have success with the troubleshooting linked here.


If not, you can submit a support ticket so we can get to the root of your issue. 


Thanks for being a part of the community!

Level 3

You need to find out what IP address your Oculus has been assigned and go into the advanced settings of your Router TL-R480T+. In there you will have to enable port forwarding and forward all traffic that will 100% fix the problem. You can also put that IP address in the DMZ area if your router has one and accomplish the same thing. Your network traffic is being segregated by these routers so you need to let the other router 'see' this device basically.