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All day 1 CES/Rift news together

Level 2
[Outdated, was only meant for day 1. However, mostly there is no 'newer' news then what you see in the videos and read in the articles provided below. Although there are some awards won here and there.]

So, here are all the articles, videos and whatnot I could find (from the reddit, OR forums, googling) about the new prototype:


-OR 'internal' games development:

-New prototype kit (dubbed crystal cove):


Videos: (IGN): (The verge): (CNET): (Tech stage, GERMAN):
(alternative (or rather, original) version: ©

Special mention:
Reverend kyle podcast:
really, gotta love the guy, and also very low input way to get the biggest points on the new DK 😄

Level 4
Gavin Gear (Microsoft Windows) interviews Nate Mitchell and tries Crystal Cove

And here's HipHopGamer with an enthusiastic interview with Palmer Luckey and some of the best questions asked.
Don't miss this one, it's infectious!