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AltspaceVR Access Weekend 4 Overview

Level 2
EDIT: Access Weekend has been extended for an entire week!
We have also added a couple of things:
NCAA March Madness
Tournament game live-streams have shared viewing support! Come watch some college hoops together in VR!

SXSW Music
South by Southwest Music is currently in progress, watch panels and performances together in VR!

EVE: Valkyrie Tournament
The first VR Multiplayer tournament will be live-streamed from EVE Fanfest in Reykjavik, Iceland! Join us to witness the space dogfight PVP action!

Details at
See you in AltspaceVR!

Hey folks!

Video overview:

You can create an account and download the client here:

Its time for another Beta Access Weekend, and we have a lot of new features to get your feedback on!

The weekend has been in full swing, with movie nights, SXSW streams, IEM eSports Championships, and more.
I will be doing a recap of my GDC experiences (including Vive and Morpheus) Sunday at 1pm PDT.
We would also appreciate your feedback and suggestions on Netflix, Twitch, Avatars, and changes to the UI.

New features for BAW #4:
New avatars
Avatar selection menu
Persistent UI
"Socialize" panel
Netflix integration integration
Interactive Events Page
Updated Gallery
Gamepad Support in Windows
Display audio adjustments
Player locomotion adjustments
Environment optimization
UI optimization
Experimental synchronized 3D web app (Chess)
Experimental Kinect v2 support
Experimental Leap Motion support

A lot of work has been done on the back end to improve stability, performance, and application launch as well. We look forward to your feedback on these features!
If you have any problems with startup, need to report crashes, have questions or feedback, please contact us through our Help Center:

See you in Altspace!
--Bruce, Head of Developer Relations

Level 4
I just tried this out and spent about an hour in there by myself and still had a blast. This is amazing!
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Level 2
"dboxvr" wrote:
I just tried this out and spent about an hour in there by myself and still had a blast. This is amazing!

Awesome, glad you enjoyed it! Come back through this afternoon and/or tomorrow morning - there will be other folks roaming around. Hanging out with folks in VR is exponentially more awesome!

Level 2
I logged in today today to say hi to various folks who were trying this out at the VRLA Spring Expo. It was very cool and I ended up hanging around a lot longer than I'd planned. The addition of arm/hand tracking via Kinect is a game-changer. All these people who are like "must have VR input device rrrgrgghh" need to experience this.

Virtual high fives and handshakes. Waving someone over from a distance. Normal hand gesturing during conversation. Waving your hands over your head as you jump off a ledge and fall. Indicating the layout of the booth relative to the demo station avatars. These are all simple natural activities you'd expect to see in a real physical environment, but I'd never experienced them in a virtual space until today. Sure, I've seen the results of mo-cap in games, but it's so different when it's a live person you're talking to in real-time.

And it was all done with the Kinect, a finished product that anyone can buy and use today. That worked better than I'd expected, at least from my perspective as an observer with only a DK2. The Leap Motion was cool too with the finger tracking, but personally I was more impressed with the Kinect with the arms present. I suspect the best results will come a little down the road with things like STEM and multi-sensor/glove-like systems.

In any case I'm looking forward to the next chance to try this out!
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