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An idea to track other objects while in VR.

Level 5
Ok so you know how we can track the oculus touch remote and the general area they are on the ground while in VR, which allows us to pick them up with the headset on. How about we make a small chip that we can put on other devices like a tv remote or even a toy or our keyboard/ mouse to be able to see the general location of such device while in VR?

Id pay 39.99 for a cool device that adds real world objects into VR, even if it doesnt fully work but just even allows us to find the general location while in VR. Imagine being able to see the general location of your mouse in VR... it would be such a help imo. 


Level 5
The next step would actually be a little opposite of augmented reality is if we could map out our real room in VR. Instead of having oculus enviornments we could have our real enviornments mapped out somehow (either with a camera or somehow else) then add cool stuff from the VR world into them while wearing our headset. 

This second post is a little different then my first post but doesnt that sound really cool?