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Android OS?

Level 2
I would love for Oculus to take more advantage of the Android OS and have access to Google apps. Can we get notifications from Google Mail/Calendar ect... popup on our Oculus? Facebook notifications/messages popup? Why can we not make calls VoiP? We have mics and cams and Avatars!

Level 8

You should post your suggestions on the feedback/ suggestion forum. If a suggestion gets enough votes, they implement it.

Level 4
Well there is an Android app but I suspect that most of the functions you are talking about are tied into Facebook which sucks if you don't want to sign up for facebook accout

Level 2
I know, I do have Facebook. What I mean is notifications linking to any other account/chat/email/calander/other game system ect... coming in to Oculus as a notification popup imediatly so we can check it. even away from computer/cell phone/home