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Any one use VorpX? if so how is it?

Level 5
I am interested in getting VorpX for several games, including GW2, Alien Isolation, and several other FPS games, but I must say I am concerned about the quality of the product. I don't want to spend the money on the product if it simply maps the display, and possibly the "mouse look" function to the headset.  I don't know what else there would be, but I would at least like to see some feedback from normal users on how the set up and experience is.  any feedback would be apreciated.

Level 7
VorpX used games will just get you sick

Level 7

DannyMNL said:

I personally haven't got it to work in a way that I'm happy with. I tried playing Skyrim, Oblivion, GTA V, and Battlefield 3. In none of them I can get it setup the way I want it to be. When I get it to display all the objects in the right size my FOV is so low that there is a grey border around it, as if I'm using virtual desktop. If I set the FOV in a way where it fills up the entire view cone all the objects seem distorted. Haven't gotten it to work properly yet, and honestly it makes me feel very sick. I'm just sticking to native-VR experiences for now.

I agree, 
The program is not very good, I have it and it doesn't seem to work well, after spending $40, you have to spend more hours just to get to even somewhat work. I end up giving up on it after a while, I feel its worth it if its free but not for the money. do your self a a favor and spend the $40 on a native VR game. I'm trying to get paypal to dispute my transaction for the program because its not as advertised,a VR program should feel like your in first person view, not just a zoomed up screen with 120fov.

Doubtful you'll get a refund. The program behaves as advertised, the site states you have to perform a few steps yourself to get everything to work, so they're not really at fault there.

My problem is I currently do not have the patience nor the stomach to soldier through several hours of uncalibrated VR while messing with the settings to ultimately get everything set-up properly...
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I've not used it much, tried portal 2 which I though might work quite well in VR, I was nearly throwing up with in minutes.  I did manage to get it a little more liveable, but not enough to venture into trying it again. Maybe one for when I have a bit more knowledge about VR. 
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that program is not VR, it's just a zoomed up screen. it's false advertising. I'll let you know if paypal does refund me.
if the dev wants to charge $40 then it should be plug and play. drag the exe icon to a program then bam it's ready for editing by sliders. it's 2016 for sakes lol

Level 5
thanks for the responses all, based on the feedback I will probably pass unless it goes on sale