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Any tips for DK2 with existing 120Hz multi-monitor setup?

Level 2

I've just received my DK2 and can't wait to try it, but before setting anything up, I just wondered whether anyone might be able to offer any advice or recommendations on using it with my existing setup...?

My system has 2 x GTX670 4GB cards setup as SLI. Three BenQ XL2420T 120Hz screens are attached and running in Nvidia Surround mode / extended desktop mode running at 5760 x 1080, (6030 x 1080 with bezel correction) using 3 DL-DVI cables, 2 of which are plugged into the primary card and 1 on the secondary.

I'm happy to unplug any of the monitors, change the cable types to DP or HDMI or modify any configuration to best support the Rift.

If anyone has any suggestions on the best way to do this and whether I should adjust the refresh rate down from the 120Hz that the screens are currently running at, it'd be very much appreciated.

Thanks! πŸ™‚