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App Sharing and Multi User Accounts coming in Feb

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
February 13 will be the start of App sharing.

It's starting on the Quest, but the announcement mentions Rift too.

The basic idea: multiple people can use their facebook accounts to log on to a Quest without factory reset. They can play any games owned by the primary account owner (the account that set up the Quest). Each person gets their own game progress/achievements.

At the start, app sharing will be an experimental feature. The primary account owner can add up to 3 sharing accounts and turn on app sharing. Sharing will only work on a single device at the start, but later will expanded to 3 devices.

Existing games will automatically support app sharing, but the developers can opt out by February 12. From Feb 13 onwards, all Rift and Quest games must support it.

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Is there a way to have developer mode active on more than one account on the same device? I have my primary account in dev mode, but the secondary I just added doesn't have the option, and since the device is paired to my phone/account there doesn't seem to be a way to log in as them / pair and enable dev mode on their account as well... 


Am I wrong in concluding that only the primary account can have dev mode enabled?