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Apps with an option for Sitting Player Mode

Level 2
I have to use my Q2 in a sitting position, I always check the Player Mode to see if "Sitting" is listed.  I'm looking for opinions and information about Apps if thinking about:  AUDICA, PISTOL WHIP, ESPIRE 1, SYNTH RIDERS, and ROBO RECALL.

These apps have "Sitting" listed in their Player Modes.  And know that I am new in VR and on this site.  Which ones work well while sitting?  I wouldn't mind if you ranked the apps 1-5.  Thanks to all that take the time to reply!

Level 8
Of those games I’ve only played Pistol Whip, and I don’t exactly understand how it could be played sitting down, excluding leaning/lunging around and barely touching the chair...lots of
dodging bullets via ducking down and to the sides..

Level 2

Remove the obstacle mode