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Key Laser Measure Accessories You Must Find

Just like any other laser device, laser tape measures also come with accessories. While some of these accessories are designed to enhance the functionalities of the laser measures, some are designed for protective purposes and some are designed for aesthetic purposes. From laser measure pouches to bags, and holders, you will find all these accessories very useful even if you don’t have the best laser measure for your home or professional purposes.

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The Pouch or Bag Takes Your Laser Measure Everywhere You goes

Perhaps the most essential accessory you require for your laser tape measure is the pouch or bag. Most laser tape measures come in miniature sizes that make them very easy to fit into your pocket. As easy as it is to get into your pocket, the laser measure can also fall out of your pocket or hand easily, and that may cause mechanical and non-mechanical accidents. With a pouch or bag that has an enclosure at the mouth, you can securely place your laser inside and move freely everywhere you go. Protecting your laser tape measure everywhere you go is important hence you must get this accessory by all means. Fortunately, most manufacturers include pouches or bags in their product packages.

Adapter and Charger

Whether you are using a rechargeable laser tape measure or the one that relies on non-reusable batteries, you will need an adapter because you may not find a direct plugin to charge your battery in some situations. With an adapter, you can easily connect your tool to any electrical socket. Similarly, a charger for rechargeable batteries in laser tape measure is quite important, it helps you recharge your laser tape measure at home and in emergency situations, for a continuous supply of power. While most laser tape manufacturers include chargers and adapters in their packages, it pays to have an extra charger and adapter with you because some measuring works drain the battery quicker than others.

Hand Strap

Just like the pouch or bag, hand strap can also offer some protection for your laser tape measure. The strap snugs perfectly to your wrist and you can move your hand free while traveling or using the laser measure from one place to the other. There are several strap options you will find these days, some do come with buckles and some can be a piece of leather or fabric tied to the end of the laser tape measure. You can easily adjust the strap depending on your needs.

The Laser Measure Holder

The Laser measure holder is an accessory you will need to hold your laser measure in place while working. For instance, if you find your way through the rooftop and you need the laser tape to measure distance or calculate area and volume, you may not have the time to return and grab the device, hence it is better and more convenient to hold it in place. The holder has a clip that can be stuck to your belt while providing adequate cover and protection for the laser measure. The laser measure holder may come in different shapes and sizes but it is better to use the one that comes with the package or one recommended by the manufacturer. A laser distance measuring tool will be much safer and steadier with the use of a holder.

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Hard Rubber Casing

The hard rubber casing is another protective accessory you should consider for the safety and security of your laser measure. Some laser measures have in-built rubber materials on the edges of the laser tape which is good because it will save you the costs of having to buy the accessory separately. The outer rubber casing will protect your laser measure from mechanical accidents and it is very easy to grip while you are using the laser measure. Make sure you don’t go for the rubber grips that make your palm wet and become slippery, those wants may allow the device to slip through and fall.

A Reflective Plate

A reflective plate is often recommended for people who use laser measure in direct sunlight. It is believed that direct sun rays will reduce the effectiveness of laser lines when measuring distances. A reflective plate is a solution to this problem. It helps in reflecting the sun rays away from the laser device in order to achieve great accuracy. The plating device conducts heat away from the device quickly and it doesn’t get hot even when you hold it, hence it is completely safe to use. Unfortunately, most manufacturers don’t include this accessory in their packages; you need to buy it separately.

Extra Batteries

You may think you have more than enough batteries to last you for many years but the truth is that even the most powerful laser tape measure batteries have a maximum lifespan. You can purchase new batteries at any time but you must not wait until the old battery pack up before you buy new ones. Rechargeable batteries may last for between 6 months and 5 years depending on how frequently you recharge them. Since rechargeable batteries have maximum charging cycles and once you exceed these, they will die off. You should also aim at protecting the batteries from exposure to the external environment and choose a laser measure with automatic shutoff.


The accessories highlighted above are just a few of the major ones you will need to enhance the functionality and safety of your laser measure. There are several other accessories you may want to consider especially those recommended by the manufacturer of your laser measure. You may want to experiment with major options you need before you go for the rest but keep in mind that you don’t need all laser tape measures. The best laser measurer for appraisers for instance should come with only the most essential accessories needed. Check out the best laser measurer for appraisers review for more details on laser measure accessories.


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