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Assetto Corsa & VR ... will they or won't they?

Level 7
Kunos Simulazion today release part three of their Dev Diary, with the promise of more information regarding VR support...

The bit about VR:

"Work is underway to create a function called “Quick Menu”, which will enable the user to control software functions while in the car without resorting to mouse or keyboard. Designed to allow to pre-selected pitstop operations (tyres, fuel etc.) before reaching the pits, the new system could also be expanded to offer necessary controls in VR, a scenario that is not currently possible to support via the existing mouse-driven GUI, opening the possibility for full car setups, pit and game operations to be accessible for VR users.

By the way, let us say a few words about VR, which is an open and quite talked-about issue at the moment. As you know, Kunos Simulazioni has been supporting the Oculus Rift since the release of the very first kit, and the American company also chose Assetto Corsa for its events thanks to the immersion achieved by Assetto Corsa with its products, up to the DevKit 2. The third time around, the SDK provided by the company to support its device was radically changed, and we simply cannot update the code in Assetto Corsa every time this happens; we need to completely rewrite the dedicated rendering structure. That’s not easy or cheap, as you could probably imagine.

Although the retail version of Oculus Rift is finally available, at the moment our core team is focused on the submission and release of Assetto Corsa for consoles, which at the same time brings a huge update for the PC version with the 1.5 build thanks to the fact that part of the code is shared between the platforms. Since working on Oculus support requires us to allocate extra time and resources – because of its complexity it cannot be managed easily or in a few days – we will have to take a moment and consider when our current development schedule will allow us to do so, but realistically not before this summer. Our aim is to support VR – and not necessarily only the Oculus Rift – when we will be able to take the time and resources required.

We fully understand that people who have invested in the purchase of a VR device want to use it as much as possible, and we know that Assetto Corsa guaranteed a ton of fun with the Oculus SDK2 (that could only be better with the retail version), therefore we promise that we will take the time to evaluate the option of creating proper VR support in harmony with other tasks and priorities that we have already scheduled."

Full Dev Diary 
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