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Australia, NZ and Asia Order Status Thread

Level 2
There are threads for the EU and North America but none that I can see for Asia/Oceana.

Since we can hope to be in the next batch (in a 'few weeks') lets see some Order Status action.
Just make sure you come back and update your post if/when your Status changes

Ordered: 14th Sept 2013
Processing: 2nd Nov 213
Number: 073XXX
Location: NSW, Australia

While we cannot be sure, apparently AU, NZ and Asia are treated as different zones for Rift Processing.
The last batch to go out (30 Oct 2013) appears to have only gone to Australians.
(if i am wrong please PM me so i can put in the correct details)
I will do what i can to keep all buyers in these regions up-to-date
Holy Blessed Worthiness to Own a Rift Status Australia Nov 11, 2013 - DK 1 DELIVERED Aug 18, 2014 - DK 2 DELIVERED
637 REPLIES 637

Level 2
"Beerman" wrote:
First impression, Fantastic!!

The only negative I've got is that I'm going to need a more powerful computer. I don't think I'm getting even close to 60 frames per second and its juddering like crazy with just about every demo. Tuscany is the only demo that seems to run smooth. Did go through 'Titans' and that my friends is epic (even with juddering)!

Got my fingers crossed for all still waiting!

Great time to be alive!!

What are your PC Specs ?

Level 2
hmm today is my delivery eta... but no movement on my tracking...

edit.. spoke to soon "SCANNED INTO DEPOT"

Level 2
"ozzyracer" wrote:
hmm today is my delivery eta... but no movement on my tracking...

Same, and I'm in Adelaide too. Hopefully it's on the way but they didn't update the shipping?

Woke up ridiculously early today in excitement for the rift lol

Edit: Also spoke too soon :mrgreen: so excited

Level 2
heh me 2.. and ive just updated again to ONFORWARDED (TOLL FAST) what ever that is

Level 2
Congrats everyone! 😄 mine is now "ON FOR DELIVERY " today 😄 cannot wait!
Order - 07xxxx Sep 14 - READY Nov 2 - PROCESSING Nov 8 - SHIPPING Nov 12 - ARRIVED =]

Level 2
Mine was onforwarded yesterday morning 8am. Still no word past that.

Hope I get it today, starting to get a little fidgety seeing everyone else with their rift, it makes the wait harder 😛

Level 2
I guess that leaves only me here with no clue where my rift is :cry:
Order No. : 069xxx Order Date: 31 August 2013 Order Page Status: 5 November 2013 STILL Processing Real Order Status: 12 November 2013 DELIVERED!!! Country: Lebanon

Level 2
Well, mine's here but I can't really do anything at the moment because I have my missus in bed asleep so I can't turn the light on to see what I'm doing. And no, I can't move my computer into the other room as I live in part of a mates shed that's been converted into a room so I have to wait until she wakes up. The joys of nightshift. :roll:
Ordered: 6th September 2013 Order # 71XXX Holy Status Email: Arrived Australia mate. Personal Status. Enthralled

Level 3
That is great news for all those who got , or are getting , their Rifts this week.
Cant wait to hear how they all go.
Does anyone have any idea when the next batch will be headed to Australia?

So looking forward to getting mine. 😄
Ordered : 26 Oct Processing Email : 19 Nov Shipping email : 21 Nov Delivered: 25 Nov 086xxx- Adelaide, SA

Level 2
Na man, I'm on " SORTED TO DESTINATION " - whatever that means...It's said it since Friday... ETA thursday this week.
Ordered : Sep 17 | Mar 19 6:10pm PDT Processing Email : Oct 30 | Processing : Aug 13 Shipping email : 8th Nov | Shipping Email : Aug 13 074xxx- ARRIVED 14th Nov | Perth, WA