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Australian Shipping UPDATE?

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We would love to hear about any and all updates to shipping that has to do with Australia. Have you received an email about shipping and live in Australia? If so please let us know here!!!

Cybereality said this on

Thu 24th:
They will go out mostly in order. We are just running a few smaller batches on a per region basis to make sure everything is working good before we automate things.

We'll have more batches to all regions following shortly. Please just relax. Thanks.

Sun 20th:

Yes, we already have stock of DK2 in multiple distribution centers around the world. We are currently waiting for the software to become stable, and then we can immediately start shipping to customers.

Here's hoping we hear something soon.

P.S - Anyone know what city the distribution center is in?
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"numpulse" wrote:
yep mine also mon 15 dec shipping information approved by australia post no other info
i am still crossing my fingers, two working days to go before Christmas

Yeah im sort of in the same boat mine has been

Processed through Australia Post facility CHULLORA NSW and its just been sitting there for 5 days haha