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Australian Shipping UPDATE?

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We would love to hear about any and all updates to shipping that has to do with Australia. Have you received an email about shipping and live in Australia? If so please let us know here!!!

Cybereality said this on

Thu 24th:
They will go out mostly in order. We are just running a few smaller batches on a per region basis to make sure everything is working good before we automate things.

We'll have more batches to all regions following shortly. Please just relax. Thanks.

Sun 20th:

Yes, we already have stock of DK2 in multiple distribution centers around the world. We are currently waiting for the software to become stable, and then we can immediately start shipping to customers.

Here's hoping we hear something soon.

P.S - Anyone know what city the distribution center is in?
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Ordered March 19, 2014 at 03:50 PM PDT.

No update for self or my mate/co-worker that ordered at 8:30PDT either. I'm thinking AU missed out on first batch.. Hopefully second is not too far off and we are in 😐

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I think we got left at the bottom of the food chain...AGAIN!!

Seriously, there's guys in Hong Kong who ordered a full DAY after me who've got their shipping emails.

We've got nothing!


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"fivestarsimulations" wrote:

For Oculus employees who aren't familiar with Australian memes:

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"AdamMellor" wrote:

'Straya :lol:

(i think we have a wait ahead of us)
I preordered a DK2 in April, from Australia.. ..and Im still completely sane!! ;P

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Apparently the people who have been processed so far are just a test batch and the first batch hasn't been fully processed yet. There is still some hope for us.
Scott Vandonkelaar Zero Latency - Inversion VR

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Sorry I couldn't resist! 😄 😄 😄

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Thanks to my 12 hour shifts starting from pre-dawn, I'll be hitting f5 for the day, will keep you all posted if anything changes before you wake up :lol:

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I'm in New Zealand (ordered 1:37PM PDT on the 19th, so roughly 5 hours in) and I'm still Pending too. Whether that's because they're not properly shipping to AP yet or because I'm too late an order, I'm not sure. I'm a bit disappointed to still be dangling but there's nothing we can do. So it's back to hawkishly F5'ing here, Reddit and my inbox, I guess.

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Perhaps there's a bit more love for the northern hemisphere than the south...

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well so far I don't think 5k have been allocated, despite the amount of yay shipment threads and factoring in the many who don't use the threads but may have ordered, it doesn't seem like a large amount have been allocated. Plus there is some hint of only minor allocations of that 5k so far while they sort out regions, and the sdk afaik isn't out yet. So don't lose hope!