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Be aware of phishing buyers!

Level 2

a week ago I have recieved email from a buyer that he would like to buy my Oculus rift and he will send me money first from paypal and then I will send him my rift. I said this was strange why would someone risk sending money first.

I gave him my paypal name and let it be. Few days later I have recieved email from "Paypal" than I recieved the sum of 400 euros but it will be activated as soon as I send him my package. :)))

The email looked exactly as from paypal, license etc, email name was as we always get but the real email behind it was So I went to paypal account, there was no information about those 400 euros, not a message nothing, I went to help center and saw warning about phishing sites and spoofer sites. I even then went to that site and that purpose was to I dont know, duplicate or send emails as someone else or I just did not understand.

Just wanted to warn you before that.

Level 2
Buyers need to also beware of people taking their money back from paypal after they received the goods. Had someone wanted to scam me when I was selling my car the same way.

If your buying, buy from a trusted source like a vendor or deal with cash only.

Level 2
PayPal support center just confirmed it email is a fraud.
Do not send you oculus even if you have confirmation that money will get to you after you send them your shipping information!

It is a FRAUD

Level 15
This is one of the reasons we have made a rule of not allowing selling devices on the forum.
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