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Behold, our lord and master has spoken!

Level 11
Hey guys, 

Master Luckey has spoken:

Please absorb this information and sleep peacefully tonight!

Just goes to show all these graphs we've seen recently stating index is selling better then Rift S are talking rubbish!  >:)
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Level 7

kobs57 said:

So in a couple of months the Rift S will be King - excellent!

And a  couple months after that it will be dropped like the Rift CV1 loll

Well there are still over 1 million people happily using the CV1 i believe, and you can still buy most of the accessories.

I am one of those peoples still using the CV1 and no there is no spare parts available unless you're willing to turn to E-bay and get ripped off with pieces at double what oculus was selling (which was already overpriced $60 some bucks for the wire only)
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Level 15


Hi  Red,

So here is the shot of my old girl. So three tips

1. Use the phone wire as it is very thin and tough when bending into shape.
2. Make a little loop on the end of the wire that fits in and around the hole, this helps it secure better.
3. Cut the plastic a little back from the black plastic outer circle so it sits flusher and therefore screws in closer.



Just to confirm one thing. You did place the wire around the bottom pin the one nearest to the speaker? Just the photo has made me think there's a chance you placed it on the top pin due to were the wire is?

Level 12
I placed the wire on the top to top holes. I tried the bottom to bottom first, it didn't work. Then I tried top to top and it worked. I however had a right ear failure. Just try both and make sure you get a good contact as I had a couple of attempts before it worked.