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Blank screen when enabling link

Level 2
I am so dispondent at the moment. I've enjoyed my Quest for a few weeks but my ultimate goal was to play Half Life Alyx as the 1st and 2nd games were such benchmarks.
I needed a new laptop anyway so I spent a bit more and got a Republic of Gamers laptop. I checked all the specs and it seems to easily be able to handle it.
I downloaded Half Like Alyx, downloaded the oculus app onto the pc and then discovered I needed a cable usbc. So after spending 4 hours last night I thought it would be easy now.
Link cable came today ( another (£40 - this is getting expensive) . Oculus app recognises my headset. Steam VR acknowledges the headset but when I go into the headset and click enable the screen goes blank. the only way to get it back is to remove the cable from the headset. I have watched Youtube videos which says the whole set up is easy but I am out of ideas. Please help!!!

Level 2
I have the same issue, but not with a laptop, but a desktop pc. 
I have an Nvidia GTX1050 Ti with 456.38 version drivers installed, still don't know any possible solutions
Link worked for ~70 hours for me before and them poof! Simply stopped working.
I wonder if it could be a hardware related problem with the damaged USBC in on the Quest itself...