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Bought wife her own Oculus Quest 2....can we share game software or have to purchase twice?

Level 2

Want to be able to play head to head so bought her own Quest 2....can she share my software so we don't have to purchase twice?


Level 5

Yes sort of. So mutli user and app sharing is currently just an “ experimental ” or “beta testing” type feature. 

not all games work yet for it. But a lot do. For example beat saber won’t share yet...but I believe all games EVENTUALLY will. Now whether it takes a year for that to happen or not is another story. 

anyway, if you want to try this. On the second headset, also sign in to your account. So now both headsets are signed into you. I’m the one that will be her headset, under your account go into settings and experimental features and turn on the multi accounts, turn on app sharing, add her Facebook account. 

now when The headset turns on, it will ask is this you or her.. she would just always choose her own account. She will have access to all games that are currently shareable. 

in order to view you have to change the way the games are filtered. Sort by “all” usually seems to be the best bet... it’s supposed to be sort by “shared” but for most people nothing shows up under there. When you sort by all, it looks like the game Had yet to still be installed, but when you click install it just opens the game (if you installed it while logged into yours anyway) otherwise she WOULD have to install it. After doing so, that particular game will show up under the section when you sort by installed. 

now, she could buy new games, that would only be for her account and not yours..but all new games from now on are guaranteed to be shareable. So if it’s new... YOU may as well be the one to buy it so you can both have it. If it’s old, you can Google to see if it’s shareable or not. But like I said. Eventually...even all the old ones will be sharable too. 

here is a running list on Reddit of ones that do AND do not work with sharing..