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CV1 and Touch Reviewed by Tested

Level 2
Just came out, it is long but they always do very good in-depth reviews.


Level 5
"Arock387" wrote:
the glasses thing is what really kind of gets me. I wear glasses too. My vision is terrible (-400 each eye) and at first I thought. Well, Its just really a screen and I'm actually pretty close to it so I wouldn't really need to wear glasses right? Wrong. I still have issues seeing objects in the distance which in not actually in any type of distance. So why cant I see it clearly? I can see real world objects clearly within the range of the screen. Its almost like some magic real life depth perception

We all want VR, not a "screen strapped to your head" in real life, do you see things clearly that are in the distance, why would you in VR lol

That´s laymans response. In reality - what KBK said.