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CV1 is actually DK3

Level 4
So it is abundantly clear that the consumer Version 1 as it is entitled is nothing of the sort. this pile of inconsistent trash is nothing more than a dead paperweight for many many people because Oculus can't support their own product. I had an easier time of getting things and keeping things running with the DK2 than with the CV1. You need to know more about how to manage background software and drivers in CV1 than the DK2. 

This is the most expensive paperweight I ever bought.... £400 for a piece of trash that doesn't work... and Oculus are ignoring my requests for support... Nothing Nada... they are ignoring what is becoming glaringly obviously a HUGE DESIGN FLAW... Oculus software does not work with GPU Drivers.... 

This issue they can't fix... they are utterly lost as to how to resolve this issue... Which means they are selling the Rift under false pretence... they are selling the product with a known design flaw that sooner or later everyone will experience. Your rift WILL stop working at some point... maybe not now maybe not a week... or it could be tomorrow or in 10 minutes... but sooner or later you will end up like the rest of us.... with an expensive paperweight on your desk... and you will be trying to get support too... and they will ignore you too...

Then you can add your voice here for the growing number of Oculus borked my Rift people. 
My Rig: - Gigabyte Z97 X5 MB / Core i7 4790K @ 4.4Ghz - Water Cooled Coolmaster AIO Loop (Push - Pull Config)/ 16GB Corsair Dominator ram at 2400Mhz / Palit Jetsteam GTX 980 OC edition / 250GB SSD OS / Program Drive + 2 TB hard drive storage / Win 10

Level 11
Add me to the list of mine works just fine.

Level 12

Can I possibly suggest that it may be worth merging all of @Tim74UK 's threads relating to this particular problem into one thread?

While it may seem like this is the most important problem for everyone to deal with at the moment (and this could be useful for anyone else with a problem thinking of spamming the forum), there are real benefits to a single thread. Anyone trying to help with suggestions can do so without repeating themselves or losing track of what's possibly already been suggested in another of these threads. It also may help anyone else who has the same problem... or if Tim is kind enough to add his hardware details.. anyone thinking of using that particular laptop/driver combination for the purposes of running the Rift.

@Cyberreality @kojak @Lzoltowaslki, @Techy111

Just a suggestion.


Level 4
OMG!!! You guys actually fed the troll  :D. This iz gonna be interesting lol.

Level 9
Out of interest...Has anyone at Oculus Support tested a SYSTEM RESTORE with Win10 @cybereality ? Stuff like this can easily be attributed to User Permissions it introduced.

Level 7
Don't know a single person who owns a Rift in person whose Rift doesn't work. The only real issue was the stuttering back in the DKx days, but that's obviously not a CVx. I'm sure a bunch of people have problems, but with enough products out in the wild, there will always be a small percentage who will, and those people will — for obvious reasons — be vocal about it. No user whose thingymabob works perfectly fine is going to go around complaining about how great their thingymabob is. The result, most people are only going to see the complaints, no matter how few, as a percentage, they are.

Level 16
My Oculus Rift works fine and has done for sometime..

Level 5
Mine has worked fine since May 2016.
I've taken it to work, a few times, taken it to my nephews house a few times, my nieces house, etc...

I've broken it down and set it up dozens of times.
I pack it all into just two milk crates when I transport it (except monitor and PC) for all the cables, sensors, and headsets.

I haven't had a single problem in the entire time I've had it.
No tracking issues (that weren't me being an idiot), no setup issues, nothing.
My headset has worked every time I have put it on (except for those dang updates...., grrrr.....)

I even bought an entire second setup so I can play coop stuff with my nephews..., never had a problem with that setup either.

As for CS, they were a little wobbly at the beginning, but my last experience with them was quick and easy (both purchasing related, not hardware related).

Level 13

Tim74UK said:

kzintzi said:

software/drivers on mine works fine - had it since release with no issues in this space; Support have always responded to my support tickets promptly and nicely (even when I didn't like the answer I got).

So if you've never had an issue why have you needed support? 

Hmmm something not quite right here me thinks!

I've used support, they were timely with me, I had to get an RMA but it was painless and didn't seem to take a long time at all.  I guess I'm lucky, for the most part my rift has been plug and play.  It's had the occassional problem but nothing more than my 3d printers or anything else I use that you can't just go into the mall and buy off the shelf of just any electronic shop.  Just like those other cool toys, I get help from specialty forums just like this one.

Here's a suggestion though;  Perhaps you shouldn't post so many separate posts on the same issues and say things like "If I make enough noise they will have no choice but to acknowledge me".  You come off as a self entitled brat that just threw himself on the floor kicking and screaming, it's sad and embarrassing.