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CYBERSICKNESS - Medicine Master's Thesis

Level 2

Hey guys! Do you ever feel QUEASY or NAUSEATED or actually VOMITING playing VR games?

If yes and you’re older then 18 years old please help me answering this quick survey (It’s about 5 minutes and that will help me A LOT!

I'm a medical student at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon and I'm elaborating my master's thesis which theme is "Cybersickness as a virtual reality side effect: a retrospective study"


Level 13

Heres the reality of this situation, take the data for your thesis how you will.  VR Sickness is the Achilles' heel to VR.  There are countless remedies mentioned online from chewing on ginger to swinging your arms as you move in game.  What it came down to for me was acclimation.  I just became acclimated to it over time.  What actually cured me was spending too much time in a flight sim called DCS World.  I played for 3 hours straight when I would normally get out of VR in 30 minutes because of the sickness.  After that session I felt sick.  It lasted 3 days, I felt like I had vertigo.  I didn't put it together that VR could have caused this, so I freaked out thinking I was having heart problems.  This is why it is the Achilles' Heel to VR.  This has the effect of the "bad acid trip"  A lot of people will have that bad experience and then avoid VR all together because your body perceives it as a threat and recalls that bad experience so you recoil in disgust.  After those 3 days past, I got back into VR and I got no VR sickness anymore.  I got over the hump.  Getting over that hump is what I think will keep VR as a niche.  Until they can eliminate vr sickness all together from the onset with no acclimation period, it will never become a mainstream product.

Level 13

Here's a suggestion for how you feel after playing VR games that wasn't on the list and it always happens to me.  I feel Hungry after playing VR games for some reason.