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Can I use PC/ laptop with Oculus 2? If so what PC do I need?

Level 2

Level 2

you can use the quest as a stand alone .... adding the computer and a couple apps and you can get access to other 3 party games from steam and sidequest...

you can use a computer with a usb3 for link cable or through virtual desktop through your quest headset and a virtual streamer!!!!

if you need more help hit me up!!! hope that helps

Level 12

best bet is build/buy a desktop with specs outlined in link  below:


Desktops are a safer bet, as laptops tend to be finicky. I would suggest nothing less than 16 gigs ram, 512 ssd, 2080 super, and i7-9700k to ensure broad compatibility.

Level 2

You can use your Oculus Quest 2 as a PCVR headset. Better yet, you can use it with a cloud-based gaming PC and then you don't even have to own a real PC at all.

Level 13

You need a decent computer, the only response that provided data you can use is from Pittcanna.  His link shows the requirements, he then suggest what he considers the minimum to get.  I don't agree on the CPU, but he gave you the most useful information.  If what he says makes no sense to you, don't even bother trying to figure it out, just go to best buy and ask one of the kids in the geek squad, they'll sell you a gaming machine that would work.  Bring the minimum spec list from the link provided above and just say "I need something that's at least this good, GET ON IT!" you'll be set then.