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Can't find "Phone Notification" option to enable Android notifications in V34 update

Level 7

I have upgraded to V34 and wanted to try out the Android phone notifications on my Quest. You're supposed to initiate the feature by going to the mobile app, under "devices" and enable the "Phone Notifications" option there. My mobile app does not have "phone notifications" under "devices"... just:



developer mode



... am I looking in the right place? I believe I'm on the most recent app version - there no update option in the play store. Any ideas? Maybe the feature isnt available yet for my Galaxy S21?

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How do you update notification settings in the Samsung UI?

This is how I do it:
Samsung phones have a specific settings menu to allow notifications to be seen by apps.  Settings>apps> hit 3 dot menu - special access>notification access, then flip the switch for oculus.

Thanks for this.  I did this but still don't have the option.  Guess I'm waiting a bit more.

Level 4

Finally showed up for me. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, Oculus v35, oculus app v, I literally am in the public test channel (been in it) had v35 for 2 weeks. Uninstalled the app probably 7 times, also went to Samsung settings, apps, hit 3 dot menu - special access>notification access, then flip the switch for oculus, for like the 7th time and went back to the app and it showed up. Now I get notifications finally. 

Have you fixed the problem with android notifications? Because I'm not seeing the option in my app as well. Is there an ETA for update?

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey there, the android notification issue is being investigated now. As early as next week an update rolls out to all systems. You also can keep your focus on this community post , as it will be updated when the problem is solved and the new software is available.

Level 4

Got mine showing the setting through uninstalling the app, pairing headset and phone using bluetooth and then reinstalling the app. Only thing is even though I can enable the notification I don´t get any actual notifications.

in Oculus_RyanS post a week ago he said the same thing, a solution will be as early as next week.  One week has passed and now your are saying the same thing again.  So in other words you misinformed us last week so why should we trust you this week?

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

He said 'as early as' next week, 'next week at the latest' could be described as misinformation. 


Come on guys, in the world of bug fixing, things aren't as simple as you may think. It's not just identifying the bug, it's fixing it and making sue the fix hasn't triggered any other issue, meaning plenty of testing. The last thing you want is a partial fix.


I mentioned before about keeping things polite. If you feel you can't trust someone, maybe better to just keep it to yourself, this isn't one of those forums.

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I had same question... Thanks for this so now I know I'm not alone