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Closest to "Direct-to-Rift" on MAC OSX (How-to)

Level 2
Hi guys,

I found an easier way to run demos on Mac, pretty similar to Direct to Rift but not full there yet...and there's no coding or any of that required. Maybe mac users know this already but for those who don't know here it is.

Step 1. Have your oculus connected...

Step 2. Now have at least one windows open on your desktop, i used the oculus config utility.

Step 3. Hit F3, which will open up Mission Control...after this you want to click, hold the window or application you opened
in Step 2. You'll then notice a + sign show up on your far right. Drag the the window onto to the + sign. (In this case, i dragged the oculus config utility onto the plus sign.) This will add a second monitor or display.

Step 4. Now, find the demo you want to use, and drag it onto your dock.

Step 5. Now click and hold the demo (that's on your dock) to bring up the options, go on options and click on "assign to display 2"

Step 6. Now, every time you open your demo, it will launch on your oculus rift display in fullscreen or windowed, whichever you prefer.

I guess this is the closest you can get to Direct to Rift on Mac for now, Hopefully this helped you guys! Cheers.

Level 2
I develop on MAC OS X, so the issue of direct-to-rift is important. In doing some research I came across the following article:

I just placed my order for a DK2 yesterday, so I do not have yet have the hardware to test this out yet. Have a look at this to see if it's of any help.