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Colorado Oculus Rift / Unity 3D Meetup

Level 2
I wanted to let everyone know that the Colorado Oculus Rift / Unity 3D Meetup (formally the Boulder Virtual Reality Meetup) has finally a first meeting planned.

We will meet October 16th and it is our intention to record the meetup and make it available for all to watch. We are going to try to create the video in a format that is cool to watch Oculus Rift users--in 3D as my co-founder has the tech to make that possible. We shall see.

For our first meeting I will do a presentation on virtual reality and its history and try to bring the group the latest in rift specific news that I can find. If anyone has anything they would like me to announce or let the group know please let me know. Additionally my co-founder Jamie Hurt will do a presentation on game and virtual reality development. Finally we will have a rift that people can try out.

I expect the first meeting to be small but I think it will be interesting.

If you are in Colorado please feel free to drop by - here is the link: