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Congrats to Oculus Studio on making history (Academy Award)

Level 16

In a momentous occasion for the video game and interactive entertainment industry, Colette, a documentary produced by Respawn Entertainment, a studio of Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA), and Oculus Studios has won an Oscar® for Best Documentary Short at the 93rd Academy Awards®. Marking the first time a video game company has been nominated and awarded an Oscar®


“As we continue to take steps towards further legitimizing the creativity and passion of those in the games industry, we hope this is the first of many Oscars® for video game companies who have shown time and time again how powerful and impactful storytelling through this interactive medium can be.”


I think it's amazing to see a VR Studio making history for the entire industry, especially outside the realm of mere video games. This is a landmark moment to help increase the adoption of VR as a platform itself, and decrease the more self-defeating notion of the past where VR was being treated solely as a video game platform.


A great moment for VR Enthusiasts.


Level 12

Wow I didn't hear about that.  The legitimacy of vr marches forward!

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

Nice, OculusTV is one of those apps I don't really use that much... you kind of need to know there's something good to watch to pry you away from the reason you put the headset on. Will watch this tonight.

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