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Consumer Rift Pre-Order MEGA-THREAD

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So the same questions keep coming up, so I figured this would be a good idea (thanks @CardinalStorm!).

This will be a place for common questions and answers. If you have a unique issue, please feel free to make your own thread, but I will try to grab all the common stuff and add it here.

- Check the History Page to See if your Order Was Successful

If you are not sure if your order went through, please check the history page for the shop.
Sign in if you ordered with your account, or choose guest if you ordered as a guest.
If you ordered as a guest and don't remember the order number, please check the confirmation email.

- Obtain Your Confirmation Email
If you did not receive your confirmation email, please go to this page and enter your email address.

- Total Price Showing as "--" or "$0.00"
This issue has been solved. If you check your history page now it should show the full price.

- Problems Changing Addresses for Asian Orders
Some Asian customers have had problems updating their address due to a bug on our side. If you were affected by this, you may have had your address automatically changed to something incorrect. This feature is now disabled, so feel free to change your address now.

- Confusion over Currency in Some Regions
Australian order are actually quoted a price in USD. Sorry for the confusion.

- Updated Shipping Estimates
The estimated shipping time should be around the date that was shown when you pr-ordered. Unfortunately, this date is calculated dynamically, and is not actually stored in the database or on your order anywhere. So Oculus Support agents will not be able to tell you the estimated shipping time if you forgot or didn't see it. At a later day we may come up with a way to give more accurate estimates, but this is to be determined at this point.

- Touch Pre-Order Reservations
Anyone that has a successful Oculus Rift pre-order will be given a reservation for Touch. It won't matter if the page had an error in that section, we will honor the reservation.

- When Does Shipping Start
Oculus Rift pre-orders will begin shipping starting on March 28th, 2016.

- Entering Your VAT Number to Remove VAT in EU
No, we don't support removing VAT from the order.
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Is it sad that they have overnight shipping for their customers but are only doing "ground" shipping to their warehouse in NA?  Why else would it take a week to get Rifts back in stock with "the problem being fixed last week."?

Level 3
US East Coast order 26xxxx. ordered 5 minutes after preorders went live. Estimated: 4/18/2016 - 4/28/2016

Level 2
CA, US order 25xxxx, few minutes after preorder start
estimated: 5/9/16-5/19/16

Level 5
German order 24
7min confirmation email
Estimated Ship Date

Shipped and will delivered by 15.04.2016

Level 4
If the touch controllers are available to order in September then I was right. I can expect them around Christmas or later.

Level 7
Good boy, Alf.

Level 5

CA, US order 25xxxx, few minutes after preorder start
estimated: 5/9/16-5/19/16

In the same boat.

Level 3
Haven't been on the forums lately. Got an email from Oculus saying my rift will arrive in the first to the third week of june. The reddit chart originally showed my rift as %100 percent for May. I then read about delays and the June email made sense. I'm reading that some people are now 2 months behind on their delivery dates. Does that mean my June is now August? 

Level 3
What reddit chart are you talking about?

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
at @vxxdeadpoolxxv, my last delivery estimate was pessimistic & the Rift actually arrived when the original estimate said it would (2 weeks earlier than the final estimate). It also depends where you live it seems... European orders appear to be doing better

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