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DK2 oops

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To all:
I see now that my initial reaction to the news was way too strong and I apologize for throwing it out there without some more research into the subject, I think my sleep deprivation is getting to me.

Part of what fired me up is that I read somewhere that it would include positional tracking, which would be a big deal for me when I thought that there would be no DK2.

I understand the heavy responses and reading your viewpoints greatly changes my view on the issue, thank you.

I'd love to delete the topic but I can't :oops: , guess that's penance.

I couldn't believe the news at first.. a Devkit 2 will be released to the public.

Before I ordered my devkit I made sure to read up on everything including the official statement that there wouldn't be a DK2 and now this happens.. I feel screwed over as a small developer. Do I really have to invest in a second devkit to keep up with others?. ๐Ÿ˜ I don't have money growing on my back.

I'm hoping for a big discount for people who already received a DK1 with the premise of a DK2 not being brought into existance.

Otherwise, I want a full refund or upgrade to DK2. Is this fair to ask? well it might not be, but lying to your customers isn't either.
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"DannySwish" wrote:
On top of everything else, if I'm correct, Oculus never said anything like "We will definitely not have a DK2." From what I recall, they said that there were no current plans to release a DK2

The whole topic about being pissed off at oculus because they said this and did something else or whatever is the childiest thing ever. "But you said you wouldn't do that, you lied to me, I hate you know!!" *temper tantrum*
How much of a brat do you really have to be to be pissed off at an emerging company who's simply evolving its business strategy? OCULUS BROUGHT VR BACK TO LIFE. Just chill and be happy they're even there, jesus
And also: they announced a new dev kit. How the hell can you *even* get pissed off at that?
Seriously. What the hell.

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Does any one else find this topic funny at all? Why hasn't it been locked or deleted Invoke wanted to delete it back on page 1.
When I was first told about the DK2 I was happy but I also knew I would not be buying it because I'm not a dev and only a dev should really be buying the DK2 unless you just have money to burn.

If you where fortunate as me to get a "DEV" Kit and not be a dev you should be happy that you where allowed to be part of the start of VR. When VR takes off this time you will all ways be able to say I was at the start of this great technology. No one will care that you didn't have a DK2, much less will you when the consumer version comes out.

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"ganjaroach" wrote:
Does any one else find this topic funny at all?

I check this thread when there's nothing good on Comedy Central.
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Honestly, I find this topic sort of refreshing. This exact topic has come up countless times since before the first Rift rolled off the factory line, and I've participated in quite a few of them. This is the first time where I've seen the person who started the post recant their position. I think it's a wonderful thing.