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DX12 - Improved GPU's - What Improvements For VR Games?

Level 2
With Windows 10 and DX12 claiming 20% GPU improvement and 50% CPU Improvement over previous PC games (correct me on those figures if I'm wrong) and the new advancements they are making with GPUs for VR (I expect to see a good VR card released not long after VR devices) what would you like to see improved in games for VR.

So with those improvements it frees up a lot of processing power to assign to different aspects of current quality games. What part of VR games do you want to see have more processing power given too; Graphics (lighting?, realistic characters?, textures, environment, etc), Animation (movement?, eyes?, hair?, etc), AI (many different AI areas), Physics, audio, etc.

Of course improved graphics as a whole is always a good thing but usually takes a huge amount of the processing power. I'd personally like to see improvements in Animation, especially in general movement and eyes. In VR I can really notice when a character moves their arm and the elbow kind of just overlaps into itself (if you know what i mean), for me this is weird and breaks immersion. I'd like much more detail in animations like that so it looks natural plus lip sync is a must, it know it is processor intense to sync the lips properly with the audio.

The second major improvement I'd like to see is more CPU power allocated to AI, mostly in their ability to be aware of you and your actions in a VR world.