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Delayed order official website

Level 2

I ordered a quest on Tue immediately after it became available on oculus website. The estimated delivery date is today but it has not been shipped yet. The customer support could not tell me when it will shipped nor could they cancel my order since it's stuck at "processing for shipping". I just noticed that Amazon sells it and promises delivery tomorrow. Has anyone else had experience with ordering from oculus website? Is it likely they will ship it soon? I am thinking of making another order on Amazon.


Level 2

I’m experiencing the exact same thing as you are. I haven’t been charged yet and no new information. I hope it arrives today but I don’t think it’s probable.

Level 3

Same for me! Ordered first thing Tuesday morning, was charged either the same day or yesterday, and it still says processing for shipping with today being the day of arrival. Haven’t received an email with tracking info yet.

Level 15

Might have been better off going with Amazon initially - shame they don't give you a way to cancel.

Hopefully you will get them soon.

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Yeahhhh thought about that too but I got too excited when I got the restock notification email lol. I guess I’ll get it eventually 🤷🏻‍:male_sign:

Update: I just got the update that it shipped and it’ll be here tomorrow! So basically I want to say about 60 hours after purchase is when it shipped!

Thanks for the update! I just checked and mine got shipped too. Hopefully I will be enjoying it soon.