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Developer Showcase - Smashing the Battle Tips & Tricks

Level 5

This week's Developer Showcase title is Smashing the Battle on Gear VR and Rift! 

This hack-and-slash game let’s you play as one of two characters and tests your reaction speed during combat. You can win most battles once you become familiar with the basic combat system of attack and evasion. However, you can progress more efficiently if you try more advanced methods. 

If you’re having trouble, check out these tips and tricks:

Understand the perks of each character: The two characters in Smashing The Battle use different skills. Sarah O’Connell relies on attack-based abilities that are optimized for more direct battles. While Mary Lucy is a defensive character that summons Remote Bot and relies on shields.

First, decide which character suits your play style. Since Sarah is easier to control, we recommend trying her first to get familiarized with the gameplay.

Aim for Massive Kills: Destroying multiple enemies simultaneously will grant you a bonus called Massive Kills. This gives you a chance to gain coins and scraps. You can use a skill called Magnet to pull enemies into a single spot and kill them to achieve Massive Kills.

Use your suit and upgrades: If the game seems too difficult, we recommend that you upgrade stats with coins and scraps or purchase a Protective Suit. You can clear difficult stages by upgrading various stats such as ATK or HP.

Rescue the hostages: You’ll encounter hostages around the mid-point of the game. Rescue as many as you can to earn more coins and scraps, increase the Repair skill effect, and more. 

Clear missions and receive reward: Missions have various objectives that let you earn coins as rewards for completing them. Upgrade your character with coins to help you tackle the game. 

Have a tips for new players that you want to include? Let us know in the comments!

Level 15
Really liked this game.
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Level 5
Agree, I have a soft spot for arcade style games. These games live and die by the tightness of their controls and combat variety. Both are locked in for Smashing the Battle, it makes for a pretty great experience.

Level 3
I like this game too.

Don't be afraid to dash into danger such as the laser beams. This game rewards this type of aggressive play - you don't take damage. You can also change direction mid dash.