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Developer Showcase - Smashing the Battle

Level 5

This week's Developer Showcase features Smashing the Battle from Studio HG!

New for Gear VR and currently available on Rift, Smashing the Battle is a hack and slash title that's worth checking out. The game is very much a classic arcade game, fast and fun. Heavy emphasis on avoidance through dodging, matched with combos and a variety of tools to deal damage. Over 60 stages, different characters to play, challenge modes, and more - there's a lot to do!

Check out our launch trailer for a better sense of what the game is all about:

Since Smashing the Battle is new for Gear VR, we thought this would
be a good time to revisit this title in case you might have missed it. Tomorrow we'll have some Tips & Tricks to help you in the game, and we'll be doing a giveaway for controllers this Friday on Twitter.

We hope you enjoy!