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Different login experiences

Level 3

I had Oculus account since the DK2 days (I had this forum account since 2015 - ), then I merged it with my FB account after buying Quest 2.

Yet I can still log in using my "old" Oculus account both on the website, forums, and Oculus windows App (and the mobile app)

I provide my Oculus account email (different from my FB email) and my pasword and I can log in.


For example on page I click this:



I get this:



And I log in.


Same on the Windows Oculus app. I click "Have an Oculus account?"


 I provide my login and password:



And I log in.


However, I have a friend who also had an Oculus account first and then he merged it with his FB account like me. But his login experience is different. He cannot log in anywhere with his old Oculus account. Whenever he tries, he gets a message that his account is now merged and he must log in with his FB account - I never saw that message despite merging my account.


When he tries to log in on using his Oculus account:


When he tries to log into Oculus windows app using his Oculus account:



We tested it on the Oculus windows app, and yesterday after performing some random actions, like logging his account out of all browsers, and the oculus mobile app, he was suddenly able to log in just using his old Oculus account again. But then he logged out and next time it was back to "your accounts have been merged, please log in with Facebook". This is weird and inconsistent. Anyone knows what causes it and how to permanently enable login with Oculus account for him?
I am trying to understand why our experiences differ, we should be able to log in using the same methods and yet we do not.


Level 16

Once you Link your accounts, that's it forever!


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Level 3

Yes, I know. It still does not explain why I can still log with my Oculus account (despite merging with my Facebook account) and my friend cannot.


Level 3

My theory is that apart from that moment when I had to connect my FB acount, I never actually logged into oculus with Facebook - I always logged with my Oculus account.

Perhaps if you log in using facebook even once, then the merge is full and you can no longer log in using you Oculus account credentials. Just a thought.


Level 9

Does your friend have a Quest, Rift S, or Quest 2? Because after merging my accounts with a Quest I was still able to log in using my Oculus account. However with my new Quest 2, it must use my Facebook login.

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