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Discussion about to-be DK2

Level 2
Sooo, today I got myself a financial tad bit of luck, netting me near 200$ - DK1 would cost me about 430$ (edit) all in, but I was actually waiting for the consumer. However, due to the sudden gain in balance, I am thinking very-very hard about maybe getting the DK2 and consumer, just because I've been waiting for ages in anticipation, but could never afford two.

So, speculation about DK2 (I am personally thinking at least at CES next week we will get some news):
- Would it go for the same price range as the DK1 ($300, no more than 350)
- I never had money to back 1) the kickstarter or 2) buy a DK after, do you think I could preorder a DK2?
- Would the DK2 be so much better that I should buy that, or actually buy a DK1 from somebody needing a little help for their DK2? (meaning buying it at reduced price of say near half of original price) ๐Ÿ™‚

Level 2
Since you've waited this long I'd say just keep waiting until we get concrete details and make an informed decision then. Maybe use the extra cash to upgrade your PC if you need to when the time comes.

Level 2
In all likelyhood DK2 will be coming in this quarter of the year, they have also said the latest prototype surpasses even their own expectations and is leaps and bounds better than the current DK. I would without a doubt save it for the DK2.

Level 3
I'll just buy whatever comes out as soon as it comes out. I'll mothball any older models for prosperity. They might even be worth more in the future, who knows?

My rationale is that VR is something I am enthusiastic about and want to experience. It is an unproven niche in the world and as such there is no guarentee how far the technology will progress and where it may stop. If it ever stops (which I really hope doesnt happen) then the kit in existence will increase in value overnight as the supply dries up. I want to have the best available technology in case this disaster ever befalls us.

It has also got me to pick up my old coding gloves and see if I can turn anything out. Nothing to show as yet but it's fun and may one day prove of some benefit along the way.

If nothing else it's good to be able to play test other people's contributions. It all helps, im sure.
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