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Displaying fps in HMD

Level 4

Hello there,

I know how to display fps in my HMD with the oculus debug tool, but the fps window that comes up is huge and is in the center of my view.  What I would like to do is to display just the fps number and the headroom number in the top right of my HMD, so it is small enough that it doesn't distract me while playing games but I can glance up to see the fps if I want to.  Is there any program that I can download that will do this?

I tried using MSI afterburner but that didn't work.

Thank for your help.


Level 8
You know that ability is how a lot of hacking happens in games like csgo, but is peculiarly missing on the rift and vive. Like a hacking vulnerability has been cut off for no good reason, we need that hacking ability for freedom and good stuff like that look at the ps3 hacker geohot and his rant of why breaking good games like socom confrontation is necessary for freedom!

But seriously you know why didn't they include that ability in the rift, is it a anti hacking requirement?

Level 4

I get nauseous if my fps drops to 45, but the nausea doesn't happen immediately.  If I could see my fps in the top corner of the screen, that wasn't distracting like the current display fps in the oculus debug tool that displays a big fps window front and center.  Any know of a program that does this?

Level 4

Level 16
No, I don't believe this is available. Of course, you can use the debug HUD for a few minutes to test in-game settings, and if performance is good you can shut it off. In general, if you have a recommended spec machine, you should be able to play nearly every game on the Oculus store on default settings without a problem. You only run into issues if you have a lower-end machine (min spec or below) or if you are doing anything funky with settings like super sampling (which I never use and would recommend not touching unless you really know what you're doing).
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Level 4
I am messing with super sampling and know what I am doing.  However for every game the super sampling number for 90 fps without fps drop is different so if I could see a little fps number in the top corner of my hmd this would make my life easier.