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Do extensions cable works?

Level 7
I think there is already a topic like that, but the only one i found was the one were cybereality confirm that the "adapters" work.
Soo i'm repeating the question:
Had someone tried to extend the hdmi and usb cable of the CV1 rift or camera? How did that worked out?
I'm asking because i would like to set some kind of "connection box" were the connectors for the rift/camera/eventual controllers just pops out from the table and i just have to plig them iun, but i need extension cables to do that, and if the rift doend't work... well, I'd prefer to not spend "more" money for nothing ๐Ÿ˜› 

Level 8
I'm sure cybereality has already confirmed that extension leads do work. Which will be great news once/if room scale becomes more interesting.
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