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Do you regret buying an Oculus VR headset?

Level 2
I don't personally (Go & Quest), but I know lots of people who tried VR and couldn't get comfortable, so quickly stopped using their headsets. 
I guess fewer people around here are going to regret the purchase for that reason (!), but perhaps some wish you'd chosen an alternative headset?

I don't love that Facebook owns it/it's so locked down. 

Level 16
I bought the Rift CV1 in Jan 2017.
I bought the Rift S in May 2019.
I bought a Quest a 2-3 months later, and added the Oculus Link cable when it was available.

I have zero - and I mean zero - regrets on any of the above purchases. In fact I have been so thrilled with Oculus and their system, I stuck with them when many of my flight sim comrades were going Reverb and Index, or Pimax.

Rift CV1 is officially retired and back in it's original box for nostalgia purposes.
Rift S is being used daily with my flight sims and other Oculus games. No telling how many hours I have in on that Rift S now (I am retired). The dang thing just works, and no muss or no fuss, every time.
Quest is being used on occasion, both as stand alone in another room and also as a PC-VR device connected to my PC with Oculus Link. Just depends on the mood I am in and how dark the game is. ( dark looks better to me in Quest display).

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Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
DK1, DK2, CV1, Go, Rift-S, Quest. All cool. I'm disappointed in the Rift-S (mainly sound and the controllers), but I don't regret it.
Gear VR for Note 7 - now that's a regret. I only got to use it a couple of times then the Note 7 got recalled due to being a potential bomb. No later Note phones fit it, so it sits here unusable. It also just felt cheap, no match for a Go.

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Level 11
I have no regrets going from the DK2 to the CV1, and i even have a Go.

Level 16
I own:
  • Rift CV1
  • GO
  • Quest
Zero regrets. They all have a purpose. In fact, I'll be traveling soon and look forward to having my GO on the plane.

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
DK2, CV1, S and Quest. No regrets at all and every headset I buy gets used more than the last.

Wasn’t sure how much use I'd get out of the Quest but turns out quite a lot. Am away from home more than I’d planned to be.

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Level 16
You do not regret buying an Oculus hmd, but you should regret not buying one. Sadly not everyone understands the latter 😉

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Level 2

Also second the comment about regret buying a Gear VR headset in the past - should have saved more at the time and gone for something better/more 'real'. Definitely Quest gets the most use for me. 

Level 2
At this point I regret it

Setup.exe just crashes cant even install software. Nothing has worked for me. Biggest waste of money. 

Level 14
Owned DK2 and CV1.
My only regret is not going in on the KSer for DK1.

I dont have any interest in "upgrading" to a RiftS or getting a quest however..... but I have high hopes for a quest version 2 hopefully next year
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