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Do you regret buying an Oculus VR headset?

Level 2
I don't personally (Go & Quest), but I know lots of people who tried VR and couldn't get comfortable, so quickly stopped using their headsets. 
I guess fewer people around here are going to regret the purchase for that reason (!), but perhaps some wish you'd chosen an alternative headset?

I don't love that Facebook owns it/it's so locked down. 

Level 16
Rift cv1 w/2x sensors and Go.  Luv them both, esp. the Go for Travel.  I have no desire to get the current Quest right now.

My only recent regret is buying a Vive Cosmos, lol!  However, I'm still pretty happy with my Vive Pro.  I just wish Valve would start shipping Index controllers to Australia.
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Level 11

Owned DK2 and CV1.
My only regret is not going in on the KSer for DK1.

I dont have any interest in "upgrading" to a RiftS or getting a quest however..... but I have high hopes for a quest version 2 hopefully next year

Unless there is a CV2 with the same comfort as the CV1 but with better lens, res per eye, same great audio, similar VR controllers and with external tracking, then i think i am done with FB VR products as none of their present VR devices tickle my fancy, BUT! you just never know what is around the corner, so who knows. 😉

Level 12
No my CV1 has been great. Do I regret not buying an Oculus headset recently, then no. If the CV1 broke at this moment, damn I would be in a pickle.  I may have to buy a Rift S but it would be begrudgingly as a temporary measure whilst I wait for the next generation.

Level 16


At this point I regret it

Setup.exe just crashes cant even install software. Nothing has worked for me. Biggest waste of money. 

Unless you have the same problem using the Oculus hmd on several compatible PCs, I'd think your problem isn't Oculus, but your PC. If the hmd is faulty, contact Oculus Support. 

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Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
I placed day-one pre-orders for DK2, Rift CV1, Touch, Go, and Quest. Don't regret any of them (although I haven't touched my Go in ages, it was cheap, so whatever). I've been very happy with all of my Oculus hardware, and look forward to whatever comes next.

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Level 4
YES ! Since   december 5yh  i'am stuck with an oculus rift-s stuck in that install software loop and display port not detected !

Level 8
 DK1, DK2, CV1, Gear VR and Quest  Also Vive and HP Reverb. No regrets 
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Level 13
DK1, DK2, CV1, now the Rift S.  Gear VR Innovators Edition, Gear VR consumer edition and Oculus Quest.  

Level 16
No regrets at all, particularly with the Rift S. It's a large step up from the Rift in terms of clarity, larger than I expected, and is sooooooooooo much more comfortable than the Rift that it's just plain ridiculous.

I'm really hoping that the Rift 2 will also have the Halo head strap because it's nothing short of incredible imo.
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Level 2
I've had the CV1 since '16 and loved its progression!! I use it regularly still!