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Do you regret buying an Oculus VR headset?

Level 2
I don't personally (Go & Quest), but I know lots of people who tried VR and couldn't get comfortable, so quickly stopped using their headsets. 
I guess fewer people around here are going to regret the purchase for that reason (!), but perhaps some wish you'd chosen an alternative headset?

I don't love that Facebook owns it/it's so locked down. 

Level 16
I may be wrong and sincerely hope I am, but it would not surprise me to see the Rift S being the end of the line of Rift product and all the focus on Quest going forward.

Oculus recently stated they had more big news for VR coming later in the year so I am remaining hopefull the Rift line will be included in that news. I love my Rift S and very much want to see it improved on. I would be happy with a little larger FOV and a little better resolution. What I do not want to see is more talk of Half Dome 4, 5, and 6 with nothing ever coming to fruition...
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Level 16

Mradr said:

RedRizla said:

I don't regret buying an Oculus CV1, but I'm waiting for a proper updated Oculus VR headset now. I would probably have to purchase a used Oculus CV1 if this one becomes faulty. I'm not sure how long Oculus will continue to support outside in tracking, I just hope they support CV1 until a proper upgrade comes along.

Emm - they are moving away from outside in tracking - so you can pretty much call it "ended" already. They might continue "supporting" it in the future in terms of CV1 - but it's more of a "support it till it breaks - never to improve it".

You have just repeated what I already wrote 😉