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Does offer $100 Oculus Store Credit with Purchase of Rift+Touch, or it's only

Level 2 is offering $100 and I do not see it on the So It's this an only thing? Orders directly from Oculus will not get the $100 Credit?

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When you have big business, you can take hits from giving bonuses that smaller companies would go bankrupt trying to match.

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Volunteer Moderator
Where are you seeing the $100 oculus store credit?
All I can find on amazon is this:
That's a $100 amazon gift card with the rift. But it's charging for the gift card, it's not free ($599, where $499 is the rift, $100 is the gift card).

(Might not show me the deal you are talking about because I'm in a different country)

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It's a promotion through select retailers, including Amazon, when you purchase the Rift + Touch bundle. It is not available on the Oculus website. Please check the store where you are purchasing to make sure they are offering the deal before you buy.
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