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Does oculus quest 2 link cable work in linux

Level 3

I have linux machine. I ordered quest 2 link cable when  I connect it to the pc, it does not connect. I do not get the screen modal saying: "allow the data sharing".  When i use my friend's different brand cable,  connection is successfully established.


So my guess is quest 2 cable is not working with linux machines? Is this correct or I need to do a different setting. 




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, thanks for the post! You are correct in that the only operating system compatible with Oculus software at this time is Windows. There are no current plans to support Linux, though that may change in the future. Keep an eye on our social media pages for any updates from us.

Level 3

You can stream with ALVR

It isn't as good as Virtual Desktop or Oculus AirLink, but it's also free.

I use the cable to develop VR apps or games not to play games. I want to connect oculus to pc so while I am developing apps or games, I want to interact with the controller. 


I used my friend's different brand cable which is for data transfer. It worked. So I needed to get one and I ordered the oculus link cable but surprisingly it does not work. 


It is so sad that Facebook invested multi-billion dollars into VR but could not think of adding link cable support for Linux or macOS.