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Does the virtual FOV change when the lenses change?

Level 7
Does anyone know if the position of a virtual object as shown in VR compared to the position in real life differ when you change the lens distance to your eyes?

Will software account for this change? Or is it so insignificant that it doesn't matter?
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Level 3
I can't speak for the actual rendered FOV, but there are software changes that take place to accommodate the different lenses in DK2.

Level 5
It has too. The lens type and shape is simulated in software shaders to reverse the distortion produced by the physical lens.

Similarly, the IPD adjustment, as well as the distance from eye to screen, and so on, need to be accounted and fed into the shader calculations. All that will affect the FOV calculations too, meaning the FOV will probably vary from mid 90's to high 100 degree FOVs in game.

The whole point is to do 1:1 mapping of the real world, as much as possible.

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Volunteer Moderator
"shadowfrogger" wrote:
Will software account for this change?

Not automatically, it can't read the current dial position. You need to use the oculus config utility to set the dial position and lens type in software.
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Level 4
If you are talking about CV1 then the IPD adjust doesn't just move the lenses, it also moves the screens... and as you can't change lenses in the CV1 the answer would be no...
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Level 7
Awesome, thanks for the replys! That makes sense, It sounded like that with or without glasses for the cv1 would be too large a difference. It's very good that it keeps it as much to the real world as possible.
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