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Don't Email Me Asking Me For My Phone Number - It's Just Creepy!

Level 13

So I ordered my cover - 3 or 4 weeks ago - I think I had been emailed about it via the email address I've used with Oculus since day 1.

Today or yesterday I have another email "There's an issue with your Oculus Silicone Cover order".


blah blah "Review and update your phone number as soon as possible"


There was no phone number associated with my account - I've never added one.


You're getting really creepy now Mark!


Level 15

Some shippers require a contact phone number.  No big deal imho since I already use the 2 factor authorization and have this sent to my iPhone.


Also have already included my phone number on previous orders and returns.

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Level 15

Not surprising a data mining company wants your data. They make their money off selling it to others.

Phone numbers, photos for facial recognition software, etc. 

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Level 15

A company trying to ship an item typically asks for a Phone Number as part of the identification process. It is to help ensure they are dealing with the right person. Just about every company who mails things does it. It's not "creepy," it is assurance.

Besides, your phone number is already stored across multiple databases anyway, and has been sold to other companies by your own phone carrier.


Also, how is it creepy to have your phone number yet acceptable to have your home address? So it's okay if a stranger comes to your home... as long as they don't call or text? lol

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey there, the reason we request your phone number is the same reason we request it for any orders - it's provided to the courier handling your order so that they can contact you in regards to your delivery if need be. If you have any further questions or concerns about the replacement process. please click here to submit a ticket. Thanks.