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Don't risk buying until they stop forcing you to use a FB account

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If you're waiting for the FB requirement to be stripped from a product that's owned by Facebook... I think you'll be waiting a very long time. As in, don't hold your breath. They had been integrating Facebook more and more into the Quest last year. Merging your Oculus and Facebook account had been required for social features like your friends list and using services like Venues (I miss the original version of that) months before the Quest 2 was announced.


It's like demanding that the requirement for a Google account be stripped from your cromebook. Or demanding that Microsoft stop demanding you have a Microsoft account to use Windows 10 or your Xbox.

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You don't need a MS account to use Windows 10... You don't need a google account to search in or Other services are also limited to the account used for that service as well in a large number of ways. For example, there isnt really need for a FB account if some of the services will never be needed or wanted for either personal or protection reasons. Another example is that a game account doesnt affect your steam account or vis vers all with limited information about who you are in some way or another. The "requirement" is a force requirement than a "must have" requirement. So... a little off in your comment... everyone talks like it "has" to be this way" - but it really doesn't and the past year kind of was a proof of that.. 

@Mradr wrote:

You don't need a google account to search in or 



You do need a Google account to use all the features of Google and YouTube. You cannot watch anything on YouTube that is Rated 17+ without an Account.


And also, you can search without a Facebook/Oculus Account:


Both Microsoft and Google share all your data with Facebook, so they are hardly an example of a gold standard for data sharing and privacy.

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"you don't need a Microsoft account to use windows 10"... Sure, for the 30 day trial period. Maybe. Or if your computer isn't connected to the internet at all, maybe. Want to know a secret? When Windows 8, or maybe it was Vista, changed it from having a login password for your local account (maybe) to the computer to using your MS account password, I ended up locked out of my desktop for a couple days. Prior to that, I'd not had a password set up on my PC. I hada hotmail account, but it was used solely for email at the time.


Because of the change to using your MS account for your computer login, which was not signposted at all, I had to arrange to visit my mom so I could access the USB stick that contained my passwords, and write down my hotmail password on a piece of paper. Until I did that, I had no access to my desktop because all of a sudden a Microsoft account was required to sign into Windows. They have since allowed you to set up a local account instead, but to do that... you apparently need a Microsoft account registered to your computer too.


Sony and Microsoft might allow their consoles to function without you having a MS or Playstation account. At least, the PS4/XB1 and earlier consoles do. No idea if that's still true for the Xbox Series X and PS5. But considering both consoles have digital only versions, I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is probably no longer true.


Oh, and news flash... Even before the FB account requirement with the Quest (new accounts) and Quest 2 Facebook was already getting your precious personal data you want to keep out of their hands. And you'd already needed to create an account specifically to use your HMD. Funny thing, you need to do the same for a HTC headset. I wouldn't be surprised if an Index doesn't work without a Steam account as well. Not that you'd have access to games without one.


But again, if you're waiting to buy a Quest 2 until Facebook stops requiring a FB account to use it, you'll most likely never be buying one. All last year Facebook was being integrated more and more into the Quest with various services getting locked behind merging your Oculus and Facebook accounts. When they announced that in October that with the launch of the Quest 2 you would need to merge your FB account to use it this wasn't something that came out of nowhere.


Despite the nerdrage that erupted, it was something that had been getting worked towards. And remember, all that nerdrage and calls to boycott Oculus did nothing to change Facebook's mind. So why do you think waiting to buy a Quest 2 until they change their mind is going to do anything? It wont. If you absolutely can't stand the idea of having a facebook account or them getting any of your personal data, don't buy a Quest 2. Buy one of the competitor headsets instead. But while you're at it, you might want to consider not posting in Facebook owned forums as well. 🙂

Lo, a quest! I seek the threads of my future in the seeds of the past.

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You need a Microsoft account to buy anything from Microsoft, hardware or software. Sure you can buy from third parties but then using any online service from MS will require that account including having your settings go with you... on-line storage, games services etc.


In fact you need an account with just about every company that provides an on-line service.


But here's the thing, Facebook is a social network company, they want people using the headset for social stuff. Waiting for them to change the requirement for the headsets really means waiting for them to change their business.


You also can't separate the cost of the headset from the discount that they're putting on it, allowing for the value they put on you getting a FB account. The discount appears to be a very real thing when looking at the non-discounted business option of purchasing the headset that doesn't need the account, and also comparing with other manufacture's HMD pricing. So you have to be ok with a price rise in the region of $200.


Now I obviously have a FB account but don't use it, so there's no cost to me in perceived or actual personal data use/advertising/security risks.


I've just bought a dishwasher after my old one decided it's had enough. If there was an option to buy one at a $200 discount because it required a FB account, I'd have gone for that too... same deal, I don't use my FB account for Facebooking so there's no risk issues.


But, at the end of the day, people really need to decide for themselves based on their own perceived risks. Definitely don't decide based on what I say or anyone else says you should or shouldn't do.

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Nah as long as they provide good hardware I'm in. I'll sell my soul for good vr.