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Done With Oculus

Level 3

I might stick around if you guys had not required a FB account for this to work. I just bought this Rift S a couple months ago, but I will be selling it immediately after getting my taxes back. I will purchasing a new VR headset not Oculus. I detest Facebook and had I known it was required I would have spent my money elsewhere. Whatever Oculus idiot came up with that idea needs immediately fired.


Level 16

Yeah I loved my Oculus products since Jan 2017 but this move I did not care for. Currently using HP Reverb G2 for PC-VR and really liking it. I still have my Rift CV1, Rift S and Quest but have not been going back to any of them lately.



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Level 7

That’s an understandable stance, but I’m also shocked that you bought this recently and didn’t do even the minimal amount of research to see that you needed a Facebook account.  There’s been a pretty consistent outrage about it. 

Also, this forum is pretty much just users. So....sorry, but it’s always odd to me when people are “done with us” and lash out at us....

Level 4

It was nice knowing ya. 😉