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Doom Eternal VR: For Reals

Level 16
According to a leak, this could be a thing. And considering that I've been addicted to this game since release... I'd be one happy camper reliving it entirely in VR.

Doom Eternal VR game seems likely as new Bethesda title gets leaked

The hell-razing FPS game Doom Eternal could be getting a VR port this year, after an online listing on an Australian government website appeared to leak the news.

 Australia's media classification board has confirmed the existence of a VR game coming from Bethesda, developed by the team at id Software. The working title is currently just "Project 2021A", suggesting the game is set to release this year – but there are plenty of reasons to assume that the game could be Doom Eternal.

Doom Eternal

Keeping my fingers crossed!

Level 8
While I haven't played DE yet, I'm definitely looking forward to a VR version...if/when released. Looks like it would be quite intense in VR...

On another note...for those who need snap turning or similar handicap in VR (since some of you mentioned it)...I sympathize, but what I'm working on releasing in the future is a style of play that just won't work with VR handicaps (unless I can figure something out, I do have an idea though)... Still no details just yet (hopefully soon), but it will be full on VR with character flight and the ability to transition from land based to flight at will. I have a very early working version so far but still have so much to do before I can show (as it's only me). All I can say is be prepared for intense VR if you can stomach it!!!

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Level 4
Zenbane. I guess I was to lazy to do a reset. 
Now the forum bot says I cant link discussions since I'm to new. Lol all I have to say is whatever. 

Level 12

Zenbane said:

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inovator2? What happened to inovator1?

It's hard to explain but when I got my quest 2 I accidentally hit new user and no matter what I did it wouldn't allow me to go back so oculus suggested I continue as a new user. What a pain that was.

You could have just performed a Factory Reset. That's what I did on my Quest 2 in order to switch out which accounts I was linking it to.

It seems if I use this old link it now let's me link my discussions. I guess I can do that.