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ECHO VR Stuck at Matchmaking & Controllers turn off when leaving the game.

Level 3
Someone else have those problems?
I play EchoVR almost everyday and I had some issues with the controllers turning off when I leave the game... can't even use the Hands recognitions, I have to take a battery out and back in to reset the controllers...

AND since today, I get stuck at "Matchmaking"... can't even appear in a lobby...

Level 2
We have the same issue. Totally new on VR headsets, this is bought as a christmas present, so only played for a few days. 

Level 3
Today everything was fine... I didn't change nothing in my settings.
Let's hope it stays that way!

Level 2

I'm having the same exact issue today of not getting into a lobby. Maybe it's just a Dec 26th thing with all the new users logging in at the same time lol. I've been on echo vr almost everyday for the last few weeks with no issues. hopefully it works tomorrow just like what happened to u last year.

Hi I had the exact same problem. The matchmaking to get into to the lobby(not a game) was taking forever. I redownloaded it and it did the trick!

Level 4

Have you tried a factory reset? Or just redownload a game.